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Prince Frederick Car Accident Lawyers

Unfortunately, you have been in a car accident, and as much as you were afraid for your health, at least your mind was at peace regarding the costs of the auto loss.

With the timely insurance renewal, of course, you are catered for. Surprisingly the insurance company is avoiding all forms of liability. You are in a fix. Well, it’s your lucky day because Prince Fredrick Maryland car accident lawyers got your back. They are the solution to your auto insurance problems.

What types of auto accidents are we talking about? Here are a few pointers;

  • Rear end collisions – This is an instance where a car rams into the one in front of it. This could be caused by sudden braking or slowing down of the first car, or it could also be that the second car was accelerating too fast. Usually, the second car is always at and is liable for damages.
  • Slide impact collisions – This is where the front or rear of a car or a fixed object rams into the side of another vehicle. The damage is dependent on the speed of the vehicles involved and the cars’ safety features.
  • Slide swipe collisions – Here the sides of two parallel vehicles are touching and grinding into one another. Usually, the only damage inflicted is cosmetic.
  • Multi-vehicle pile-ups – This involves cars in a pile-up getting hit severally causing then to spin around. The cause is hard to determine, and it is one of the most dangerous kinds of the traffic accident.

Once the auto damage is established, the next task is to establish the value of your claim. Claims involve calculating bodily and property damage.

  • Bodily damage is established through the severity of injuries, total amounts of medical bills, the degree of negligence and permanent effects as a result of the accident.
  • Property damage is totaled up as the sum of the extent of damage, the cost of repairs and cause of the accident. The value of your property must also be determined. A detailed documentation of the listed costs should be provided.

Even with the above information, you still need a Prince Fredrick Maryland car accident lawyer to help you deal with the insurance company to recover damages. The lawyer helps you;

  • Establish, make and negotiate the value of your claims.
  • Acquire the full value to cover for both injuries and damage.

All your auto insurance ups and downs are now a problem of the past with our Prince Fredrick car accident lawyers. They will get you the benefits and financial compensation you deserve per Maryland auto accident statutes. Contact them today for a free consultation. They charge no legal fees unless they recover for you.