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Unsecured Cargo Accidents

Maryland Trucking Accident Lawyers

A trucking accident can often be caused by a tractor trailer not having its cargo secured or by being overloaded. The driver could lose control of the truck if its cargo load is not balanced correctly as the load may shift during transport. Debris could fall onto the roadway to cause an accident of many different levels. Improper loading of a truck or trailer could also lead to serious trucking accidents. Falling objects from a truck such as wood, trash, rocks or any other cargo is typically the result of poor loading procedures. Loading cargo improperly can cause risks on the roads and freeways if debris is falling off into other traffic lanes. Inadequate use of tie-downs is a common cause of unsecured cargo accidents. Leaving unsecured objects, cargo or equipment in the bed of a truck can also cause an accident as it can fall out onto the road. Suitable load weight and balance distribution of freight are crucial for a truck driver to safely haul its cargo in order to prevent an accident or accidents. 

The Annapolis, Maryland tractor trailer accident lawyers and attorneys will fight for a victim’s rights if injured in a car or truck accident. Contact our experienced truck accident litigators now to discuss your case. 

Trucking Accident Investigation

Our primary concern is to document any injuries and financial or wage loss. We also place great emphasis on determining the cause of the truck accident. Establishing the actual cause of a tractor trailer accident involving shifting cargo or an overloaded truck bed may not always be an easy task. The Towson, Maryland truck accident injury attorneys on our team will work with a skilled accident investigator that will help pinpoint physical evidence needed to determine the exact cause of the accident. 

We will help get medical care and compensation such as medical expenses, physical or occupation therapy cost, lost wages, pain and suffering, you are entitled to. In each case, we will strive to get our clients the maximum amount of compensation. 

Free Consultation With Our MD Truck Accident Lawyers

Call our Upper Marlboro, Maryland trucking accident attorneys now for a free consultation and to discuss your rights as the victim of an unsecured cargo accident.