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Speeding Accidents

Speeding is a very common cause of traffic accidents in Maryland. They occur on surface streets, state roads, rural roads, highways, main arteries and interstates such as I-95, I-70, I-695, I-495 and I-97. Being the victim of an auto accident caused by speeding may entitle you, the victim, to benefits and financial compensation. The best way to ensure you get all of the benefits you deserve under Maryland accident laws you need to enlist the help of our Towson car accident lawyers.

Our auto injury attorneys serve all of Maryland including Annapolis, Bowie, College Park (including the University of Maryland campus), Rockville, Salisbury, Hyattsville, Oakland and Hagerstown, MD. They are standing by so please feel free to contact them for a free consultation. Also, they handle all motor vehicle accident claims free of charge unless they win for you and your family. This means no our of pocket expenses or retainers for their services.

Speeding Accident Statistics

According to the IIHS, in 2013 speeding was the cause in approximately 30% percent of all fatal auto accidents in the United States. This percentage has remained constantSpeeding has been a factor in about 30 percent of crash deaths since 2004. Speeding accidents include crashes in which the driver was issued a traffic violation for speeding or in which driver-related factors coded indicated speed as a factor (driving too fast for conditions, racing or exceeding the posted speed limit).

Speeding Accidents In Maryland

Speeding, which is typically a traffic violation with consequences such as fines, points on your drivers license and possible license suspension, is a very common cause of all types of traffic accidents. They can involve 2 cars, a car and a truck, a car and a motorcycle, etc. Maryland residents, visitors and tourists often times rush to their destinations which can include work, to school, to the gym and many other places. Any time someone is speeding or driving hurriedly they are most likely attempting to multi-task while driving. All of these poor driving habits combined can often lead to a motor vehicle accident caused by speeding.

When a driver is speeding, even if they are paying attention to traffic signals, road signs and other safe driving practices there is still an increased risk of an accident. Due to the vehicle moving faster and the momentum involved it is possible to lose control of a vehicle while speeding. This is especially true in inclement weather. Should the motorist need to slow down or stop abruptly they cannot as a speeding vehicle takes longer to slow down or come to a stop. If a speeding driver attempts to swerve to avoid a person, another vehicle or an object in the road they can over-correct and end up in an accident.

Speeding accidents can cause all types of accident such as: rear end crashes, side swipe accidents, head-on collisions, intersection accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents.

Speeding Accident Injuries

An auto accident induced by speeding can inflict minor, severe, life threatening and fatal injuries. Common injuries are broken bones, head injuries, neck injuries and soft tissue injuries. More severe injuries can be organ damage, internal bleeding injury, traumatic brain injury, paralysis and wrongful death.

Let A Glen Burnie Car Accident Lawyer Fight For You

What you need in an auto accident case is a skilled and experienced Maryland Trial Attorney. While they will attempt to obtain you a settlement for any and all means of compensation you and your family may be entitled to, a settlement is not always agreed to. In this instance you want a tenacious attorney who will take your case to trial in an effort to get you the compensation and benefits you are entitled to. Our Salisbury MD accident attorneys will do just that on your behalf. Your focus should be on recovering emotionally and physically after the accident. Let them handle all of the legal and administrative aspects of your Maryland car accident claim.

Contact A Rockville Speeding Accident Attorney

It is in your best interest to consult with and retain a skilled automobile accident serving all of Maryland immediately following your accident. Our Upper Marlboro car accident lawyers will work on your behalf and make sure that your legal rights are protected. They will do his best to get you the full, fair and just compensation for your injuries, medical expenses and lost wages. Call them today to discuss your Maryland accident claim.