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Pickup Truck Accidents

Pickup trucks are very common in Maryland and they can be involved in all types of auto accidents. They can be involved in T-Bone collisions, rear end collisions and head-on accidents. Pickup truck can also cause accidents that regular passenger vehicles cannot cause such as accidents caused by debris flying from the bed of the truck, swerving trailer accidents and trailer disconnect accidents. These can all happen seemingly out of the blue and can result in severe, catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries. If you, or a loved one, have been the victim of a pickup truck accident in Maryland please you need the expertise of a Bel Air Maryland personal injury attorney.

Contact our team of Maryland automobile accident attorneys today regarding filing your Maryland Auto Accident Lawsuit Claim. Mr. Onifer has an office in Elkton, Maryland to better serve you. They offer free consultations and handle auto accident cases on a contingency fee basis meaning that they charges no fee unless they recovers on your behalf.

Accidents Unique To Pickup Trucks In Maryland

Unsecured Items And Flying Debris Accidents: Pickup trucks are very useful and very functional vehicles for those in the contractor, home renovation and home remodeling business. The bed of the trucks are spacious and can house tools, equipment, ladders and other essentials. The bed of the truck can also become a mobile trash can with coffee cups, food wrappers and other garbage being thrown into the back of the truck. If any of these items fly out of the truck bed an accident can occur.

Swerving Trailers Or Trailer Disconnect Accidents: Part of the appeal of a pickup truck is its functionality, particularly its towing capacity. Pickup trucks can tow trailers, motorcycles, boats and rental storage trailers such as U-Haul trailers. If the driver of the pickup truck drives recklessly or in a hurried fashion the trailer can swerve behind the pickup truck and drift into another lane causing an accident. If the trailer should become disconnected from the pickup truck a serious accident can also result.

Compensation Benefits And Damages In MD Auto Accidents

In a Maryland personal injury Lawsuit there are various benefits and means of compensation that may be awarded under Maryland Personal Injury Liability Law. Each case is unique regarding what damages are awarded. Possible damages can be:

Medical Benefits (including physical rehabilitation, medication costs, current and future medical costs)

Lost Wages/Future Lost Earnings

Diminished Quality Of Life

Pain And Suffering (Pain And Suffering Compensation Entitlement Will Depend On The Circumstances Of Your Accident)

Having a skilled and experienced Annapolis Maryland Automobile Accident Liability Attorney in your corner will ensure that you obtain the maximum amount of compensation and benefits for your injuries from all possible compensation sources.

Contact A Bowie Maryland Auto Accident Law Firm

In the state of Maryland you have only a certain amount of time from date of accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, it is not advisable to wait nearly that long. Immediately following your car accident, motorcycle accident or tractor trailer accident contact our MD traffic accident lawyers. They have been handling auto accident cases in all of MD including Cecil County, Kent County, Anne Arundel County, and Frederick County for many years. Call our office today to arrange a free consultation.