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Override Accidents

Maryland Truck Accident Attorneys

An override trucking accident occurs when the front end of a tractor trailer or large truck crashed into the back end of a car. The truck literally rides over the car, motorcycle or pedestrian in front of it. It is essentially a rear end collision but it involves a truck running into a car instead of a car rear ending another car. Maryland override accidents are frequently fatal due to the amount of force exerted upon impact. 

If you or a loved on have been hurt, injured or killed in an underride or override trucking accident in Maryland it is in your best interest to contact our Baltimore, Maryland trucking accident attorneys here. With several decades experience helping injury and accident victims in Maryland will competently handle your truck accident lawsuit. 

Override Accident Causes

Override truck accidents can be caused by several factors. Bad weather and slippery or hazardous roads are common causes of trucking accidents. Other causes are driver not paying attention to who or what is in front of him, driving recklessly or having a poorly maintained vehicle. Drivers who drive longer than they are supposed to in an effort to log more hours or arrive at a destination on time are also at risk for causing an override truck accident.

Injuries Caused By Override Truck Accidents

An override commercial vehicle accident can cause various injuries. Due to the sheer size and weight of the truck it typically destroys the car it runs over. In an override accident severe head trauma is almost always seen. Decapitations can happen in these accidents as well. Broken bones, neck and back injuries are also typical in an override truck accident. 

Contact An Ammapolis, MD Override Truck Accident Attorney

If you, a loved one or family member have been injured in a Maryland Override Trucking Accident please call our attorneys now. Please feel free to email our MD trucking accident injury attorneys here. With more than 20 years experience handling truck accidents we will do his best to get you the compensation and benefits you deserve.