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Logging Truck Accidents

Maryland Tractor Trailer Accident Attorneys

The state of Maryland has over 21 counties and has tens of thousands of square miles of trees and forests. Many of these areas are used to support Maryland’s economy in the form of jobs in the tree-cutting and logging industry. Ultimately, once trees are cut down and sold they are shipped to various plants in various industries across the United States. These logs get transported in logging trucks throughout Maryland. These logging trucks, like other types of tractor trailers, can be involved in a Maryland Tractor Trailer Accident. If you, a loved one or family member has been the victim of a Maryland Trucking Accident it is a wise decision to speak with our Maryland Trucking Accident Lawyers.

Please contact our Baltimore County, Maryland truck accident lawyers.for a free case review. We are skilled and experienced Maryland Trial Attorneys who possesses the skills, knowledge and resources to get you the benefits and compensation you are entitled to. With offices in all of Maryland we are conveniently located to better serve you. We serve the injured throughout all of Maryland including the Annapolis, Baltimore, Salisbury, Greenbelt, Bethesda, Ocean City, Elkton and Glen Burnie areas..

Log Truck Accidents

Log truck accidents, while rare, are very similar to other types of tractor trailer accidents. They can be jack-knife accidents, trailer overturn accidents and accidents due to intoxicated drivers. In addition, log truck accidents can be caused by the logs and accompanying cargo becoming unsecured. These types of accidents can induce serious, catastrophic and deadly injuries due to the size, weight and mass of the logs and timber when they become unsecured.

Liability In A MD Trucking Accident

Many times there are multiple parties at fault in a tractor trailer accident. These parties can be the trucking company, contractors, third party maintenance companies and the trucking company parent company.

Determining who is ultimately liable in a Maryland commercial vehicle accident can be a complicated and laborious task. A thorough investigation of the accident is often required to make sure all liable parties are identified. Having a skilled and experienced Maryland Tractor Trailer Accident Liability Lawyer on your side will ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you get all benefits and compensation you may be entitled to.

Call Our Maryland Trucking Collision Law Firm

Your life may never be the same as it was prior to the accident. According to our Maryland tractor trailer accident laws you may be eligible for benefits and compensation following a trucking accident in Maryland. Contact our attorneys today regarding filing your Maryland Personal Injury Lawsuit. We offer free case analysis for Los Angeles accident and injury victims.