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Jackknife Accidents

Maryland Truck Accident Attorney

The State of Maryland has many of miles of roads and highways. Maryland also has major interstates running through our state. Tractor-trailers, also known as semi-trucks, big rigs, tanker trucks and 18 wheelers, make up a large portion of the vehicles which travel on Maryland’s roads. In the event of an accident, they can cause an extraordinary amount of damage, destruction, and wreckage. One common type of Maryland trucking accident that occurs at high speeds is what is known as a ‘jacknife’ accident. A jack-knife accident occurs once a tractor trailer has folded during a skid.  As the name implies, it ultimately resembles a folding pocketknife. A jack-knife accident is a direct result of the skidding cab portion of the vehicle causing the trailer to push from behind forcing it to spin around and face backwards.

If you have been involved in a jack-knife tractor trailer accident in Maryland it may make sense to speak with our Baltimore, Maryland Trucking Accident Lawyers. Call our Maryland Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyers. You can also email our catastrophic injury attorneys by clicking here.

Jack Knife Accident Injuries

A jack-knife accident can be very complicated and cause catastrophic damage to the vehicles, drivers, and passengers involved. Vehicles involved are frequently damaged beyond repair. Once the accident is over traffic typically comes to a complete standstill for an extended period of time as the vehicles involved can take up several lanes of traffic. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles that were traveling parallel to the tractor trailer often suffer the most severe damage. Drivers and passengers inside those vehicles typically suffer the most debilitating injuries. Some of these injuries can include head, neck, and spinal cord injuries. Soft tissue injuries such as whiplash, musculoskeletal, and connective tissue injuries are also common. Due to the high speed at which a jack-knife accident occurs, wrongful death can also result from a jack-knife accident. After a jack-knife accident, it is important you meet with our Maryland Big Rig Accident Lawyers.

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If you, a family member or loved one have been injured in a jack-knife accident, consult with a skilled, qualified and experienced Maryland Trucking Accident & Injury Lawyer. Our MD injury attorneys and staff may also be contacted via email by clicking here. 

With over 25 years practicing personal injury law in Maryland, we have the necessary skills and resources to successfully fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve. We will determine the cause of the accident and will obtain for you and your family the compensation to which you are entitled; such as, current and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering. Our Annapolis Maryland tractor trailer accident lawyers will attempt to reach a settlement agreement but is also our skilled MD personal injury litigators and will take your case to trial if necessary.